Brushed timber floorboards

Our brushed floorboards are an appealing product with an attractive wood texture. Special metal brushes are used to manufacture them. These tools allow us to remove the softer wood parts so as to leave a surface featuring just its hardest ridges. Such an effect results in a very attractive texture, which may become part of the room decoration. Our brushed timber floorboards prove themselves perfect in contemporary, classic or ecological interiors. They also are a bullseye in the case of industrial ambiances, dominated by a raw, non-uniform interior finish.

The brushed timber floorboards we provide are completely manufactured at our own plant. We purchase the raw wood material and then machine it according to your requirements. We have our own machines for brushing boards and cutting them to the indicated sizes. We supply you with quality products, which can be used as floor covering or wall cladding. You can see these in our store, such as brushed timber decking boards, manufactured in a similar manner to our floorboards. They are resistant to the impact of atmospheric agents, but require special preservation first.

Our brushed floorboards are manufactured of larch timber. This wood is lightweight, elastic and has a specific colour tone that varies over the years. It is a species of Polish origin, broadly believed to be one of the most durable raw materials of its kind. We machine it in the way so as to maintain its aesthetic appearance and strength, including in rooms visited daily by many people.