As a manufacturer of larch timber boards we create products that let you aesthetically finish both interior and exterior spaces. They are manufactured of a material believed to be one of the most durable wood species growing in Poland. It shows a high resistance to the impact of atmospheric agents, including humidity, which causes rotting. It can be used to clad walls, cover floors, terraces, balconies or even garden paths.

We have extensive machinery that we use for comprehensive woodworking tasks. We dry timber in kiln drying chambers that allow us to reach a moisture content of a dozen or so per cent. Boards that are prepared in this way can be subjected to further machining – cutting, brushing or sanding. This is our way of creating products with various finishes. We distribute floorboards, brushed or plain, as well as decking boards with special grooves intended to drain water away. You receive untreated products, which can be treated with any impregnant and given a selected colour.



From the technological viewpoint, larch is believed to be the most durable of wood species. It proves itself excellent, even in places where it is exposed to solar radiation, low temperatures or humidity.



We execute orders for different consumers and businesses. Our boards can be found as fit out elements in private houses and public facilities.



We ensure transportation throughout Poland and even abroad.


A ready product is just a few steps away from unworked timber. We inspect the boards at each manufacturing step so as to ensure a proper moisture content. We machine timber from A to Z, using all our machinery for this purpose.
How are our boards manufactured?


Our boards are manufactured of Polish larch timber. The way the timber is cut depends on the products we want to achieve. This is how we manufacture our exterior cladding, floorboards, decking boards and structural planks.


Too high a moisture content may lead to undesirable effects. That is why wood needs to be dried. Our boards undergo appropriate processes until reaching a moisture content of 10-13%. Larch timber is dried in special kiln drying chambers that allow for checking the material parameters.


Kiln-dried boards are finished products that are ready to finally reach our customers. We inspect the quality of the boards, preparing them for transportation and shipping them worldwide. We ensure delivery throughout Poland and abroad..

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