Plain exterior timber cladding

We manufacture plain exterior timber cladding. Our products are made of larch timber, which stands out due to its extraordinary rot resistance. It is lightweight, elastic and resistant to water impact. Due to the action of solar radiation and air pollution, its colour tone gets darker, which many believe to be its strength. We procure the timber we use to manufacture our exterior cladding in Poland, caring for its quality and proper preparation.

Our plain exterior timber cladding is an ideal way to emphasise a building façade style, which should be linked to the surrounding environment. This material features a high resistance to the impact of atmospheric agents, especially when it is properly prepared and preserved. Wood and other natural raw materials, such as stone, go well together. It is a brilliant choice for rich, luxury residences as well as contemporary buildings used for housing or service purposes.

We can prepare plain exterior timber cladding for you, all to the appropriate dimensions. In this way we take advantage of the unprocessed raw material, which we can adapt to your expectations. We transform it from A to Z. Our work results in exterior timber cladding, which pleases the eye with its smooth surface and unique grain patterns, contrary to wood-like materials.

Our store offers not just plain models, but also RHOMBO exterior timber cladding and brushed timber cladding. Our experts can advise you which product is sure to prove itself best in the given design. They can help you also choose the direction of the boards, which have an impact on the dimensions of the individual pieces. We approach everyone individually by preparing products according to specific orders.