Plain timber decking boards

We create plain timber decking boards that allow you to construct a minimalist and uniform terrace surface. They are sanded in a way that avoids distinct unevenness, achieving the same thickness at every point. Our products are intended to be laid next to each other, but also to create surfaces with small gaps that effectively help water to drain away. They are amazingly versatile products – they prove themselves to be ideal both in contemporary buildings and in much more classic ones.

Plain timber decking boards should be laid in places where slipping would not pose a hazard. For example, in spaces surrounded by railings. Plain surfaces tend to accumulate water during rain, which makes them very slippery. Therefore, plain timber decking boards are mainly used as decoration, in places that are free from rain or are well protected. For unroofed spaces, our brushed decking boards or grooved decking boards with uneven surfaces consisting of grooves and convexities are a much better choice.

Our plain decking boards are made of larch. This material is resistant to the impact of atmospheric agents like humidity, solar radiation or temperature changes. It is believed to be one of the most durable wood species growing in Poland. It has an elegant colour, which becomes even deeper over the course of time. Our plain decking boards require additional protection, in order to preserve their proper condition throughout many decades.

We handle the entire machining process for plain decking boards. We use a raw material for this purpose that we cut and sand. We are able to cut boards to the indicated sizes, depending on their intended purpose. Do not hesitate to contact us!