Rustic timber boards

Rustic timber boards are a material that proves itself excellent in post-industrially designed interiors, dominated by raw, slightly worn materials. These products are purposefully distressed, so that they perfectly match natural bricks, wooden furniture or visible ceiling beams.

Our rustic timber boards are specially brushed and sanded. Such a finish has the aim of achieving the effect of old timber, slightly impaired over the course of time. The surface of such products is uneven, full of cavities and convexities. Also the wood grain pattern is of great importance, since it makes the individual pieces look different. Rustic timber boards have discolouration, unevenness and many other features that are responsible for the realistic, distressed effect.

Rustic boards manufactured by our company are made of larch timber. It is one of the most durable wood species among those growing in the area of Poland. This raw material is resistant to the impact of atmospheric agents and humidity. Rustic timber boards, when properly preserved with an impregnant, can be even used as kitchen or bathroom decoration. They undergo a drying process that takes place in our kiln drying chambers, so that you receive well prepared timber, resistant to humidity and mould growth.

Rustic boards for walls and floors

Our rustic boards can be used for wall decoration or floor covering purposes. They can be used to finish entire walls or only their parts. A perfect alternative to wood-like materials, which are cheap, but do not have such a natural appearance like real wood.

Rustic wall boards prove themselves excellent as a subtle interior design detail or a covering for larger surfaces. They can be used as a background for hanging decorations, including plants. It proves itself excellent in combination with architectonic concrete or cut bricks that have recently enjoyed increasing popularity.

We also manufacture rustic larch timber floorboards. We machine wood in a way that maintains its resistance to everyday use despite its uneven texture. Owing to this, our boards can be used for residential buildings and public facilities which are visited daily by dozens of visitors.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We can prepare made-to-order rustic timber boards for you.