Grooved timber decking boards

Our grooved timber decking boards are made of specially machined materials. Its purpose is to direct water drainage and increase the adhesion, which directly translates into improved safety. Moreover, the grooves help to decrease the risk of surface cracking. They can be machined on the upper side as well as the underside. In the first case, small grooves are visible on the material surface. In the second, they form spacing gaps that allow humidity to evaporate from the space between the boards and the terrace supporting structure. Both grooving methods can also be combined with each other.

Some people believe grooved models to be safer and more durable than plain decking boards. The reason is that such products are quite often wet and must be properly prepared to avoid rotting. The grooves reduce the slip hazard on terraces when walking there after rain.

We create many versions of grooved timber decking boards. The cutting is done to order, which allows us to prepare an aesthetic covering for any surface. We utilise larch timber, i.e. a species believed to be one of the most durable. This material is resistant to the impact of atmospheric agents, and, after some time, changes its colour tone to a deeper and more elegant one. We machine it internally by preparing the grooves at our plant. Larch timber is available at affordable prices and also shows a greater durability than other species growing in Poland naturally.