A timber floorboard manufacturer

We are a timber floorboard manufacturer, with many years of market presence. Our timber products are created from the very beginning, with use of our own equipment. We purchase wood raw materials and subject them to machining operations. First of all, we focus on the drying process. We use a kiln drying chamber to quickly reach the desired wood moisture content of 10-16%. This parameter directly impacts the appearance and the quality of ready-made boards.

We prepare floorboards from larch wood. This material features a high resistance to the impact of external factors. If properly impregnated, it can offer great functionality and an aesthetic appearance for years to come. It is extremely durable, including in terms of mould growth. Larch is believed to be one of the most durable wood species growing in the area of Poland. We procure it in domestic forests and materials, before sending it to our plant, where it undergoes a thorough inspection.

Larch timber floorboards with many appearances

You can discover numerous versions of larch timber floorboards in our range. We manufacture mainly plain or brushed products. The first have a uniform surface achieved by thorough sanding. Our brushed floorboards undergo a specific machining process that comprises the removal of soft parts with use of sharp metal brushes. This process results in products with a non-uniform surface, featuring hard convex ridges. They have a very natural appearance and perfectly fit ecological or rustic interior designs.

Our boards differ not only in terms of texture, but also length and thickness. In the course of time, larch changes its colour slightly by developing a deep, elegant tone. Our floorboards are delivered in an untreated condition, as this is sufficient to preserve them according to individual needs. Various impregnants may be used for this purpose – starting with oils, lacquers and ending with stains. It is one way to adapt the colour of larch to a given interior design and to protect natural boards against abrasion or dirt.

If you are looking for a trusted timber floorboards manufacturer from the Małopolska region, just contact us. We can prepare bespoke products in accordance with individual orders by cutting them to the sizes required. If you have any questions, we are always happy to help.