Brushed timber decking boards

Our timber decking boards are a product featuring a very distinctive surface. They are machined with use of special metal brushes. They allow for the removal of the softer parts of wood from the board surface. It results in a product with distinctive, harder and convex ridges. It proves itself excellent as a stylish accessory, emphasising the other wooden elements on your property.

Brushed timber decking boards have many advantages. They allow us to create advanced designs for the space outside the building. The irregular surface has a superbly beautiful appearance, especially since each piece differs from the others due to its unique wood grain pattern. Similarly to grooved timber decking boards, the uneven surface of this product improves grip. This means that walking on a terrace with a surface covered with such a material is safe, even after rain.

We create our brushed decking boards from the very beginning, starting with the raw wood material. We process it all at our own plant, using our professional machinery for this purpose. We utilise European larch timber growing naturally, among other countries, in Poland. This timber is believed to be one of the most durable domestic species. Its strength consists of its high resistance to the impact of atmospheric agents, which is of major importance for materials used on exteriors. However, the boards should be properly preserved first, using varnish, oil, stain or some impregnant.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We can create brushed timber decking boards for you that perfectly rounds out every building.