RHOMBO exterior timber cladding

RHOMBO exterior timber cladding is a product that brilliantly proves itself when used as a finishing material for large surfaces. A product like this features a rhomboidal profile, in both cross-sectional directions. It is executed in a way that maximally reduces waste wood. Our boards are created to enable installing them by utilising the tongue & groove method. This makes it very easy to create façades, even on very large surfaces.

RHOMBO exterior timber cladding lets you obtain a pure, minimalist effect. These products ensure larger surface coverage by a single piece than, for example, brushed timber cladding. They are highly valued with respect to contemporary buildings, dominated by simple forms. Our boards made of natural wood that fit well into the green areas that surround the building. Each piece features a unique wood grain pattern, which substantially differentiates this material from wood-like exterior claddings.

Our RHOMBO exterior timber cladding is made from larch wood. This wood species stands out due to its high resistance to water impact. It gets slightly darker over time, which gives it even a more elegant appearance. For many years it has been believed to be the most durable and one of the best wood species growing in Poland. We source it from domestic forests as a form of raw material. We work the larch timber step by step in order to create bespoke RHOMBO exterior cladding. We approach everyone individually by adapting the length and width of our products to the building plans.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We can prepare RHOMBO exterior timber cladding for you using high quality raw material of Polish origin.