Larch timber exterior cladding manufacturer

Having many years of experience in manufacturing exterior timber cladding lets us create materials that can decorate buildings in any style. They are made of larch, which is believed to be one of the most durable wood species growing naturally in Poland. It is resistant to mould growth and the impact of long-term humidity. It is an elastic, machinable material. It features a deep colour tone, which changes by the action of atmospheric agents and becomes even more elegant.

We create our larch timber exterior cladding from the very beginning. Our plant is supplied with raw wood material that is then worked step by step. We cut boards to the indicated size and then subject them to treatments that allow us to achieve an appealing texture. We brush or sand them or make grooves that effectively drain water away from the terrace surface. You may also receive untreated products. It is sufficient to then preserve them against the impact of atmospheric agents so as to enjoy them for years to come. The same process is used to prepare larch timber floorboards.

We have the equipment to allow us to handle the end-to-end larch timber machining process. Boards are dried until reaching a moisture content of 10-16%. The material prepared in this way is then cut – both in terms of the board length and elements of the joining system. We can cut tongue & groove joints that make the installation of boards very quick.

Our larch timber exterior cladding stands for our stylish design

Larch timber exterior cladding proves itself excellent in contemporary or green buildings. This natural material is used in creating cladding that fits very well into the green surroundings of the property. It allows you to emphasise certain elements of the building or cover the entire façade.

Such adequately prepared and preserved larch timber exterior cladding can fulfil its functions for many decades. This material is highly valued by contemporary architects. It is used for cladding of single-family homes and even public buildings. It is also used to create façades for luxury hotels or restaurants. Real wood stands out due to its unrepeatable appearance – each larch timber board differs from the other ones with its unique grain pattern. Owing to this, the effect obtained after cladding the entire façade with larch wood is extremely natural and distinguishes the building against surrounding properties.